Why Didn’t I Think Of That??

The first time I saw it, all I could say was WOW!!!  Rugged Machined Aluminum, 6 D cell batteries, Long, WOW!!!!  Then I picked it up!!!  WOW!!!!  I didn’t turn it on, I didn’t check out any of it’s other features.  I swung it like a bat!!!  I didn’t care that it was a flashlight to carry in my car, all I cared about was that it was a legal form of in car protection and self defense!!!  The Maglite Flashlight.

It wasn’t a telescoping police baton, a sawed off baseball bat, a tire iron, or any other form of protection I could carry in my car within easy reach.  It was just a flashlight. The only drawback, it was a little hard to hold on to.

Fast forward 40 years!  Check out this new invention.  Still rugged machined aluminum, good length, extra bright LED Bulbs, (good for extra brightness and much longer battery life), and it has a great new feature.



Its’ handle is shaped like a baseball bat handle.  It is tapered and has a knob on the end for easier gripping.  It has a wrist strap for ease when carrying it.

Check out the full details here:


Be Safe- Be Secure!




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