Paranoia Strikes Deep…

“Paranoia Strikes Deep- Into Your Life It Will Creep” Can you remember the lyrics from the Buffalo Springfield song from the mid 60’S? Somethings just take a little while to fully develop.

Every wonder what your employees are up to when you are not around? What little Johnny rings up on the register, when that hot chick he wants to impress comes into your store? Put your mind at ease by installing security cameras in strategic locations around your business. We offer a great selection of systems ranging from Single Cameras with DVR’s that you can monitor on your computer, to 16 Camera Systems with dedicated DVR System and LCD Monitor.
Check our complete systems out here:
Are you a child of an elderly parent and have to use a caregiver to help them? Or, do you have young children and have to leave them with a Babysitter or Nanny all day long? Ever wonder how they are treated, especially if they are too young, or old to communicate for themselves. Check out our hidden “Spy” or “Nanny Cam” systems. Small, easy to use cameras with built-in DVR’s that look like everyday items. No one will suspect a thing.
See our selection here:
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Your customer is tracked 4 ways: First and Last Name, Last 5 Numbers of Credit Card, Cookie and IP Address. Any customer you send to us will be tracked for 3 years. We want to support you as much as possible. The more money you make with us, the more you will promote us.

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