Hey All You Paint “Ballers”

Hey All You Paint “Ballers”

It’s Summertime .  Time to call all your buddies  to get on down to the paintball field for a little romp in the woods.!

Think you’ve got some stealth or “Creep” in you ?  Check out our selection of Paintball Blowguns.  Available in a big selection of lengths ranging from 2 feet to 6 feet long.  These blowguns can fire up to around 250 feet, but test your skill and get in to around 50 feet for best accuracy.  These are pretty silent when you fire so you won’t easily give away your position.  All our blowguns fire steel darts too, but save those for after the paintball game. LOL.


All our Blowguns are .40 caliber, and fire a 6 mm paintball.  Precision manufactured with seamless T-6061 aircraft aluminum tubing.

Guaranteed For Life.

They are not toys but the real thing. With all the new improvements, you can expect ranges over 250 feet and muzzle velocities as high as 350 feet per second or more! In fact, the darts can penetrate 1/4″ of plywood with no problem! 100% USA made. Each Blowgun comes with 12 target darts, mouthpiece, muzzleguard, foam grip and a dart quivers. Can shoot darts and paintballs.


Check out our selection at http://www.safeandsecureproducts.com/ourblare40ca.html

blowgun paintball-blowguns


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