Smile You’re on Candid Camera!

You are not paranoid if you think someone is watching you. Because they probably are!

Personal Safety! Personal Privacy! These concepts seem to be things from the past. If you live in a relatively big city, you are probably being videotaped a lot. Possibly hundreds of times a day. Police Cameras, Traffic Cameras, Red Light Cameras, Store Surveillance Cameras, and More. In some cases the cameras are there to help us and protect us. In other instances the cameras are there to SPY on us.
I am a big advocate of people using Surveillance Cameras to protect their business, homes, and persons.  That’s a good thing. That’s also my job, helping people protect themselves and their property.
But what happens when that surveillance gets personal?  What do you do to protect yourself when someone sets up a hidden  camera in a public restroom or locker room? Just rented a new apartment?  Landlord kind of gives you the creeps?  Check out our line of Audio and Video Bug Detectors.  Find hidden Cameras and listening devices, easily.

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