Dash Mounted Video Cameras

Have you ever been driving along and see something so different or amazing you say to yourself, “Wow, I wish I had a picture of that?”

Just think of the  drivers driving strangely, silly signs, accidents, or all kinds of other stuff that happens every day.   Imagine if you were driving along in that Russian Town a few months ago when that Meteorite streaked by and you captured it on Video!

Take a look at our Dash Cam.  We offer an easy to install, completely self- contained Video Camera with built in DVR and LCD Monitor.

Easy to Install, Use it in the Car or Take it with you!

Mini DVR High Definition (HD) Car Dash Camera works great as an Accident Recorder, Evidence Collector, and Criminal Catching Device. With the multi-purpose bracket, its usefulness can be even more widespread; suitable for recording meetings, monitoring rooms, outdoor scene photography, evidence collection photography, and car surveillance.

Features: Advanced voice, video recording, and playback; User-friendly design, Very Portable, Includes 2” LCD screen to view footage right from the device, also hooks up to a computer for easy footage download.

Specifications: Pixel= 8.0 Mega pixels CMOS, Angle of view= 72°, Min. illumination= 1 Lux, Continuous video recording time= 4.5 hours, Voice control standby time >100 hours, Memory Card=8 GB SD (supports up to 32 GB), Video recording form= AVI, Resolution= 640 × 480@ 30 fps, USB connection= Mini5Pin USB 1.1/2.0, Memory= 1 GB 35 minutes, Charging Time~ 3 hours

Includes: Hi-Definition Camera, User Manual, Mounting Bracket, Cigarette Lighter Charger, AV Cable, and 8 GB SD Card.

Visit us at www.safeandsecureproducts.com and www.safetysurveillancestore.com for our complete line of products.




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