Are You Prepared?

Are You Prepared?

Spring is here, and with its’ arrival, it brings the promise of nice weather and some pleasant days ahead.  But, it also brings some truly nasty surprises when it comes to bad weather and other spring time and summer tragedies.

Just last week near Oklahoma City a massive tornado touched down and wreaked havoc , killing over 50 people and damaging or destroying over 13,000 homes.

In California, wildfires have destroyed thousands of acres, and it is still early in the season.

Would you be ready to provide for your family if a natural disaster struck near you?

Most of us would answer no to that question.  I think we should all take a few minutes and put together a “BUG OUT BAG”.  Grab an old Backpack or Gym bag, and start thinking about what you and your family would need in an emergency.

I am not talking about preparing for a “Zombie Apocalypse”, just putting together a few things you will need if the power and water go out for a few days.

Next time you are in a store, grab a few cheap LED flashlights and some spare batteries.  LED lights are bright and don’t draw much power so they won’t burn thru to many batteries.  Grab a few BIC style lighters and some cheap candles and throw then in the bag too, just in case.  If you have a battery operated weather radio or portable radio, put it in the bag.  Find some cheap plastic ponchos for rain protection for everyone in the family.  Can’t find any ponchos? Get a box of large trash bags.  They work good if you just cut out head and arm holes.  Round out the basic stuff with a few spare tools.  A Leatherman style multi tool, or just a pliers and some screwdrivers.  Maybe a pocket knife or hunting knife.

Now sit down and think about some of the must have things you will need. Does anyone in the family take any medication that they must have?  Put some in the bag!  What about food and water?  You can get freeze dried food at most sporting goods stores and a few gallon jugs of water at any grocery store.  Both have long shelf life so you won’t need to worry about them spoiling.  This is just a starter list.  There will probably be other things you need specifically for your family like spare glasses or contact lense solution.

Finally, sit down with your family and go over a plan.  Where is the Bug out Bag?  Whats in it?  Where should they go in the event of an emergency?  Where do you all meet up after they get out of the house?

Hopefully, none of us will ever need to act on these plans, but it is always best to have a plan and be prepared.

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