My personal mission

Hello world. My Interests are with Personal safety and security for your home, office, and person. I live in a big city where crime has become a major problem, and over the years have looked for products that will help protect my family. I have 4 daughters and 10 grand kids, and travelling back and forth to school or work puts them in some “iffy” neighborhoods. I try and teach common sense and awareness of your surrounding as the best security you can get, but sometimes you just need some extra tools.  Our website offers some of these tools that I have personally used or tested.  They all provide an extra level of deterrence against criminals  and crimes against your person, but as always, common sense is the best defense.


visit us at for personal safety products like pepper spray and stun guns, or at for web cameras, CCTV security cameras, Nanny Cams, and spy cameras.


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